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Starting Your Business New Year The SMART Way

This article takes a look at how some of us approach a new year in both our business and personal lives. It looks at setting objectives which are SMART as well as using software such as CRM to give you the tools with which you can to track your progress.

The start of a New Year is health the chance to start a new leaf. The previous year ends with the festive season, a period of celebrations with family and friends and more often than not where over-indulgence is accepted as a part of the deal.


When the New Year dawns a fair amount of navel-gazing takes place on both business and personal levels. We look at where we were successful and how we can perhaps repeat that success. We also look at failings and see if we can learn from those and see where we went wrong. The personal New Year’s resolutions might be lose a few pounds or use that fitness studio subscription a bit more this year, for example. Many of you will hit your approach to business with renewed vigour and will also have a new set of goals and targets for 2013.

But setting expectations and goals realistically can be a challenge. You may set an unrealistically high target - for example to going to the gym four times a week instead of twice a month - chances are this is destined to fail after the initial couple of weeks. Other goals may be vague and therefore impossible to track and measure, for example “live healthier” without going into any specifics such as whether you intend to eat better, get outside more, or take on extra exercise.

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