All of the older rodents had lived there for decades and extended to multiply increasing the rat population. Many others had chosen to venture away from barn to discover the fields and meadows. Rodents do employ a active social life despite what many people think and enjoy to take pleasure from life to the fullest. So it had been the old rat younger rats in this old forgotten country barn.

The most used girl rat was nice Frieda who spent each of her time studying old cartoons and creating spectacular dresses to wear in her dance performances. She collected items of material from every where and also had mice that have been scavengers taking her vibrant parts and pieces daily to add to her precious collection. She realized and loved cartoon characters and was the very best seamstress everywhere around.

Everyone knows when there is a well known girl then there has to be a common guy as well. This will of course function as the smooth and debonair Sonny Redfern whose magic style can capture any woman rat’s heart. Sonny and his group could enjoy their handmade tools providing steel and move audio for all the rats.